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L'ambizione delusa

L. Leo

39° Festival della Valle d'Itria




SET Sergio Mariotti

COSTUMES Caterina Botticelli

Ph. G.M. Sagona

Caterina Panti Liberovici has managed

to fully display the liveliness of the play thanks to a clever use of symbolic objects

(balloons, arrows, origamis, whirligigs)

and of rarefied gestures,

using the offered space in the best way possible.

GB Opera Magazine


Caterina Panti Liberovici transforms Leo's play,

full of costumes and multiple meanings,

into a refined and brilliant workshop of symbols

and theatrical gestures,

forcing consent out of the audience.

Il giornale della musica


Silly characters and comic icons

which the director Caterina Panti Liberovici

preferred to keep aside,

endorsing a refined, allegoric atmosphere

with excellent results.

La Repubblica

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