" LE CANTATRICI VILLANE "   -Oper Frankfurt-


 " Oper Frankfurt presents the opera, with which the Italian composer (Valentino Fioravantis) had the greatest success during his lifetime, fulminantly on stage. "

 Fuldaer Zeitung


 " Humour and good mood: Oper Frankfurt has rediscovered the forgotten buffo opera “Le cantatrici villane” by Valentino Fioravanti and presents the piece with full exhilarating competence in the Bockenheimer Depot.  The Italian director Caterina Panti Liberovici, in-house staff assistant director, brought the buffo rarity on stage with outlandish humour, without a trace of clumsiness."

 Frankfurter Rundschau


 " Director Caterina Panti Liberovici succeeded in making the piece more interesting than it in fact is, by mixing the levels of reality, as the set resembled an auditorium, the singers themselves became viewers, taking on and giving up roles, because the maestro Don Bucefalo in a manner imagines the opera, thereby creating the characters." 

 Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung Heidelberg


 " Caterina Panti Liberovici stages this comedy with love, under the musical direction of Karsten Januscke there is energetic music-making and wonderful singing. A fine enjoyment. "



 " Caterina Panti Liberovici avoids staging a gag-theater, but instead a sublime comedy for connoisseurs, which does not conceal a true feature of the opera business, the often cruel game of playing with feelings."

 Frankfurte Neue Presse


 " LA FINTA SEMPLICE "  -Cantiere Internazionale d'arte, Montepulciano-


 " Director Caterina Panti Liberovici's “La finta semplice” is a sexy, uninhibited, refined and ironic show. Written by twelve years old Mozart, presented at Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano, with Roland Boer playing the harpsichord and directing.

An excellent, elegant show, full of rhythm."

 Ansa Cultura


 " The evening's essential component is Caterina Panti Liberovici's direction. Overtly concentrated on markedly erotical features, Panti Liberovici states:  "Mozart's music frees the characters from the tradition that the libretto constrains them to. The main theme is the eternal antithesis between what we think we desire and what we actually intimately need."

In this scene, this idea is translated in an omnipresent physical interaction between the characters, by paying great attention to body language, with frequent exchanges of sexual attentions, also sudden and unexpected."

 Opera Click


 " L'AMBIZIONE DELUSA "  -Festival della valle d'Itria, Martinafranca-


 " Caterina Panti Liberovici has managed to fully display the liveliness of the play thanks to a clever use of symbolic objects (balloons, arrows, origamis, whirligigs) and of rarefied gestures, using the offered space in the best way possible."

 GB Opera Magazine


 " Caterina Panti Liberovici transforms Leo's play, full of costumes and multiple meanings, into a refined and brilliant workshop of symbols and theatrical gestures, forcing consent out of the audience."

 Il giornale della musica


 " Silly characters and comic icons which the director Caterina Panti Liberovici preferred to keep aside, endorsing a refined, allegoric atmosphere with excellent results."

 La Repubblica